We create secure, reliable, and intuitive blockchain-based financial applications.

Product Features

Instant settlement

Convert $USD to the currency of your choice instantly. We count our transfer times in seconds, not days like the other guys.

World-class security

Powerful, end-to-end encryption and a fail-safe system design means no more worrying about if your money will arrive safely and on time.

Low-cost transfers

While other providers take a significant percentage of your hard earned cash, we allow sending and receiving at a fraction of the cost.

Global network

Borders are a thing of the past. Send money to countries around the world with the press of a button.


At Love Will we provide our customers with the ability to move money around the world quickly, securely, and for little to no cost. Our mission is to help create a world where all people and all businesses, regardless of socioeconomic status, location, or industry, can participate in and enjoy the benefits of a truly frictionless, global financial system.


Lamar Wilson
Lamar Wilson

CEO / Lead Developer

Lafe Taylor
Lafe Taylor

CDO / Lead Designer